Why Is My Compost Not Getting Hot

Why Is My Compost Not Getting Hot. To fix this, get in there with a shovel or pitchfork and give the pile a good turning over, fluffing it up as you go, to aerate it. Otherwise, the heat simply escapes too easily.

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Of coffee, lots of kitchen scraps, no meat,dairy, or oils and super hot compost starter. Why is my compost heap not heating up? Too small and the pile won't heat up sufficiently.

Either Too Much Or Too Little Of Something.

Make sure the compost pile is at least 4 feet high by 4 feet wide and has at least 1/3 green materials and 2/3 brown materials. The size of your compost bin or pile is very important when it comes to hot composting. In a compost tumbler my concern is it wouldn't get hot enough.

I Have Been Composting For Several Months Now, And Nothing Seems To Be Happening.

To kill seeds of any plants you need a very hot composting process. If too wet, the material should be spread out to dry. Why is your compost not heating up?

Too Small And The Pile Won't Heat Up Sufficiently.

And larger is even better as long as it’s within your physical capacity to keep turning it. Compost piles should be turned frequently during the first year. After that, you can reduce the frequency to once every month or two.

This Explains The Frequent Frustration With Small Compost Tumblers.

It might also be the incorrect size. If you are hot composting you need to be turning on a much more frequent basis. When a compost pile is not heating up, it is often a case of extremes:

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Also Keep In Mind The Tumbler Is About A Quarter Of The Size (Cubic Yard/Meter) Most People Recommend To Get A Hot Compost Pile, Which Means It Will Very Difficult To Reach Those Really High Temperatures Since It Doesn't Have The Mass To Store The Heat.

Consider adding some more dry. Why is my compost not getting hot? Otherwise, the heat simply escapes too easily.