Ls Swap Cruise Control Wiring Dbc

Ls Swap Cruise Control Wiring Dbc. Finally got my cruise control wired and working correctly. Sometime around 2004 gm changed colors on some wires, so you could see red/white for constant hot instead of orange.

LS1 to LS2 Throttle Body Plug and Play Adapter Harness from

Wiring harness and wiring guide. March 10, 2015 by ls engine diy. These extra complications are the main reason why our discovery ls swap kits support the gm dbc setups only.

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B Body Ls Swap Oil Pan

B Body Ls Swap Oil Pan. Don't cut corners on the most important part of your engine, ls swap with mast! Ls swap oil pans are perfect for applications requiring more pan to chassis clearance toward the front of the pan.

Cost Breakdown of building a V8 LS swap Nissan 240SX from

You could probably ignore all the oil control stuff if you're just doing a budget ls swap with 400hp or something. God bless these parts and tools be. There are at least 10 ls swaps that i know of on the impalassforum, and quite a few that have threads about them.

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