Kwikee Steps Not Retracting All The Way

Kwikee Steps Not Retracting All The Way. Lube all the pivot points until it swings freely, then reconnect. Imgl (integrated motor / gear box / linkage a) control unit clevis & cotter pin.

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The integrated motor/gear box/linkage (imgl) offers improved performance and longer life. Once the steps are operating correctly, i suggest a spray silicone or other grease be used periodically as they last longer and are good protection against moisture and corrosion. Your automatic electric rv step should immediately retract as soon as the magnet on the door and door frame align with each other.

Nearly Always A Matter Of Lubrication, Or At Worst A Slightly Bent Arm On One Side Or The Other Of The Step.

A complete replacement step isn't $650 (complete 2 step unit on ppl goes for $364). Step tries to move, makes noises or doesn’t stop. I can push them in the rest of the way (carefully) and the loud noise will stop after a few more seconds.

Not That Hard To Install If.

The kwikee step motor, gearbox upgrade kit is an electric step improvement. They steps will extend fully with no issues. A on the push rod:

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You Want To Stop The Steps In Mid Swing.

I disconnected the step linkage and the motor seems to be working okay. Rv steps will not retract. If i give it a small lift as the step retracts, it will go all the way up to the intended location.

As The Motor Runs, The Nature Of Motors Is Such That It Bucks The Flow Of Current Through The Coils.

Quick video of the issue i'm having with the electric stairs. When they close, they will pull in about 70% then stop, making a loud clicking sound. But when the motor stalls out (due to the steps hitting the stops) the motor stalls, this causes a great increase in current flow, and the controller says done

Ppl, Among Others, Sells These Parts.

Like from hitting something, of what old racer said. The kwikee steps do not retract all the way. Warn them to keep everything out of the way of the moving parts when it starts to move.