How To Use Vibrating Rose Quartz Roller

How To Use Vibrating Rose Quartz Roller. Lastly, gently roll from the center of the forehead toward the side of the face 3x, draining down to the clavicle on the last pass. Unscrew the wider roller head and screw in the round crystal head and massage around your eyes and take extra care in this area.

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Continue 5 times on one side then switch to other side. Wipe the roller dry with a dry towel. After cleansing, apply a few drops of facial oil, serum or moisturiser to your face.

This Will Permit You To Get The Best Skin Results And The Most Out Of Your Rose Quartz Face Roller And Serum.

Use the gadget between five to ten minutes each time. Place the stone in the refrigerator before use for extra cooling effects. Continue 5 times on one side then switch to other side.

On The Forehead, Roll From The Brow Towards Your Hairline.

Use to apply your moisturizer and/or serum of choice for better absorption. Gently move the roller across. This will help you achieve the best results.

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Roll 3X From The Nose Toward The End Of The Brow.

Rinse the roller with room temperature water. Perform outward and upward strokes with your roller along the contours of your face. Some have two roller balls, and some look like a tiny rolling pin with rollers of.

After Cleansing, Apply A Few Drops Of Facial Oil, Serum Or Moisturiser To Your Face.

The vibrating tool helps to contour and tone the skin, while the cooling rose quarts sculpts the face and promotes blood circulation. Wipe the roller dry with a dry towel. How to clean wipe quartz with a clean, dry towelette in between uses.

For The Top Of Your Face, Roll From The Eyebrows Towards Your Temples.

Designed to cool and contour the skin, this innovative vibrating roller works to tone and sculpt the face. Start gently massaging your face using your rose quartz roller moving each stroke towards the outskirts of your face. How to use gently press and massage around your eyes, nose, smile lines, mouth, cheeks, jawline, and neck.