How To Take Off Roof Racks Without Key

How To Take Off Roof Racks Without Key. Ok so you drill out 4 locks and you buy 2 new ones, thats all you need anyways, $22, if your interested in a yakima rack i'm sure you know how much they cost new. This is how to open your roof rack if you’ve lost or misplaced the need 2.5mm allen key.this works for most roof racks.

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Using a long, flathead screwdriver (or a similar tool), press on the metal tongue inside the end cap on the end of the rail. Remove the plastic lock cap and expose the metal key hole and lock barrel. Find the bars for your car in our guide.

They Are As Easy To Install As They Are To Use And Come In Different Ranges.

Move to the next step. Repeat on the other side. Just for future reference, found the best (cheapest) place for thule or yakima replacement keys!

They Should Come Off Easily.

Placing a rag on the roof to protect from scratching, i used a thin object (the thule rack wrench shown in the picture) to pry the rail upward a few millimeters, then the plastic clip slid without obstruction. Remove the plastic lock cap and expose the metal key hole and lock barrel. The only other viable option is getting racks that attach directly to the hardtop, but then you lose the rack entirely with the top off, except for that one (i forget the brand) that attaches to the sport bar through the top, and can be removed from the top for reattachment to the sport bar brackets once the top is off.

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The Handle Should Then Fully Lower To A Near Horizontal Position.

Flip down the outer cover, unlock with the key, pull down the main handle gently while manipulating the tab on the inside of the rack. The torx screw loosens the clamp, however without undoing the lock you might not be able to slide the whole clamp in/out on the crossbar in order to get them off the rails. You could always venture into lock picking, i would imagine that the locks on the roof racks wouldn't be too hard to pick with a little practice.

The Latching Point Is Your Focus Area.

Find the bars for your car in our guide. If the latching point is fixed with a bolt, you need to loosen the bolt using a key that came with your roof rack. Press your finger against the lock cylinder to keep it in place, and use your other hand to pull out the master key.

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