How To Remove White Tire Lettering

How To Remove White Tire Lettering. Dealer might even do it for you free as a part of the delivery. Even though the white letters on the tire will be turned inward, you will still be able to see the inside of the tire in different location around the car.

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Just turn the tires around on the rims and put the raised white letters on the inside. Tire lettering in 5 easy steps. It is very simple, to eliminate raised white letters.

How Do You Remove The Blue From White Letters On Tires?

Treat with sandpaper to remove discoloration — if the white letters remain yellowed after serious cleaning, try using fine sandpaper to sand the surface of the white letter. The rubber that makes the letters white is acutally all the way around the tire with another wider piece of rubber on top of it. Wow, you will never get rid of the white lettering.

Products I Used Were:citrustrip (Home Depot)Painy Brush.

You might be able to grind the letters off, but i can't imagine a way to safely smooth or buff the ground areas to get a reasonable appearance. Once the tire is cured all of the rubber melts together and the thin membrane bonds to the body ply`s.if you try to grind off/slice off the white you will end up ruining a can grind down the raised letters on the black wall side but,it will. You can dip these in water, scrub the white letters a little bit and when you wash off the blue soap left over from the sos pad wow brand new white letters.

Painted White Walls Can Be Treated The Same.

My quick method gets about eight tyre applications out of a can, which i use in between the weekly or fortnightly exterior clean. Good luck with plastic dip on your tires. Things like tire wet and tire shine products turn your tires grey after awhile.

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You Will Need To Agitate This Cleaner To Remove The Browning However It Needs To Be Safe So The Lettering Is Not Pulled Off Or Damaged.

Putting the white letters on the inside really is the best thing. I like to use sos pads on my white letters. If anything, it'll make the white letters wider and uglier.

As You Gently Wash The Wheel At The Start Of The Job, Apply A Liberal Dose Of Custom Wheel Cleaner To The Tyre Wall.

Believe me, all white letters and whitewalls have this discoloration problem. Remove the tire from your car. It's probably going to do more damage than it's worth.