How To Read A Weaving Pattern

How To Read A Weaving Pattern. Find the full written and video tutorial here, twill and chevron weave pattern : Chevron weave creates an arrow pattern.

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If you've ever had trouble with reading a tablet weaving pattern off of pinterest than this is the video for you. S means the thread is entering on the left side of the card and exiting the right side (like the middle line in the letter s), z is threaded right to left (like the middle line in the letter z). Before starting, weave a few rows or plain weave to create a base for the pattern.

This Is A Pattern For 4 Sheds.

I'll go over how to read what is known as a. The drawdown shows the interlacement of the threads. The plain weave is the simplest weave pattern and is also known as the tabby weave.

The Harnesses Are One Of The Two Parts Of The Loom That Determines What Warps Are Raised And When.

My weft is yellow, and this is indicated by the yellow box next to each number. Your threading pattern is found along the top of the draft and tells you the order of the harnesses you should be passing your warp through. This is where your pattern will sit on top of the background weaving rather than being incorporated in (this is called a float).

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During Weaving, When You Reach The Middle Of The Towel, Remove The Guide And Transfer The Marks To The Other Half Of The Strip.

From there it makes sense to read the treadling upwards. Additonal detailed explanations of how to read a draft may be found on my sister site joy of weaving. A weaving draft is the graphic representation of what you would see.

Fold The Strip In Half, Matching The Starting And Ending Line To Find The Middle Of The Towel.

The three basic weaving patterns include the plain weave, twill weave,. The s and z’s along the bottom of the pattern tell you how the card is threaded, s or z. Chevron weave creates an arrow pattern.

Black Squares Either Indicate Raised Warp Threads (A Warp Drawdown), Or They Indicate Weft Threads Passing Over Warp Threads That Are Not Raised (A Weft Drawdown).

Reading from right to left, the top gives you the warp colors to put through the slots and holes (threading order). Shaft 1 is closest to you and shaft 4 is farthest away. In the plain weave, the weft yarn goes up and over every alternating warp string.