How To Paint Raised Letters On A Coke Machine

How To Paint Raised Letters On A Coke Machine. One just paint it all red with with the base then use a brush to paint the letters with white base then the white pearl then clear the whole machine. The color codes would need to be cross referenced with today's numbers in order to insure that you get the right color.

The World of JEK CocaCola Vendo 44 pop machine. from

A cnc router provides a great way to do precise engraving of letters and artwork. Just remember if you reverse the attachment you should double check which direction will be raised. Vintage 1/2 pint coca cola clear green tint paint raised letters coke 265356746360

You Can See Some Examples At In The Case Of Raised Lettering I Like Using A Foam Roller To Roll The Paint Onto The Faces Of The Raised Letters.

I suppose white would be best for coke. To create raised letters for craft projects: Tape 600# wet or dry to a flat surface (smooth benchtop, piece of glass, surface plate, etc.) with the grit side up and run the top of the plate on the paper until it takes the paint off the lettering.

First Thing Is Prep The Raised Letters For Paint By Going Over It With A Sanding Block And Fine Sand Paper.

Don't worry because at this point they will not be sticking to the cooler at all. Put all the rest of the letters on in the same manner. Be sure to spray from several angles to coat the sidewalls—it might take several coats.

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Then Take A Paper Towel And Tightly Roll It Up, Fold It In Half And Tape The Halves Together, Then Flatten The End At The Fold.

When the paint has fully dried, plane or sand the sign to remove only enough material to reveal clean wood, as shown at bottom. For a speedy text design, write on fabric with fabric markers or paint. You may want to use a stencil, ruler, or a light pencil outline to help you get started.

Print Out The Font You Want And Place A Sheet Of Wax Paper Over The Lettering.

Just remember if you reverse the attachment you should double check which direction will be raised. Painting overall was the most difficult step, i'd suggest taking your time and working a little at a time. I began painting the machine.

Shoot It With Black Spray Paint And Let It Dry Completely So The Paint Doesn't Tear Or Peel Off (Which It Will Do If It Is Not Completely Hard).

If you paint, what color do you use? They sell decals, but you might be able to use them to paint the letters first, apply decals,. Getting everything to look great involves properly handling the artwork, and correctly setting up the engraving tool path.