How To Open Motorcycle Gas Cap

How To Open Motorcycle Gas Cap. Make sure it doesn't bend too much or break. To avoid this, drill only as far as your key would go.

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Without the key, there are only two options. Gas cap is stuck, can i get it open without drilling? Return the key to the beginning position.

There Is No Reason For A Key Specific Lock On The Tank.

You might be able to put a big screwdriver in then to turn the lock. Rotate the gas cap counterclockwise to remove. Return the key to the beginning position.

Then Air Dry It Or Blow Dry It Out.

I went to fill up this morning. Drill slowly when reaching the base of the cap to ensure that no metal shards are dropped into. Fwiw, the hinge at the rear of the cap is attached to the external ring held down by the removable hex screws.

Any Help Would Be Great.

Click to see full answer. Then, use a flathead screwdriver to turn the lock, opening the cap. There's another screw underneath the cap when it's open, so you need to get the key, or have a locksmith pop it open.

For Stuck Caps, I Use A Ton Of Liquid Wrench To Get It To Open (Multiple Applications Followed By Soaking Time), And Once It's Open, I Hit The Tabs With It Too.

Without a doubt the tumblers are sticking. Gas cap is stuck, can i get it open without drilling? So julies tiger is in the shop and she got the triumph bonneville as a loaner.

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It Was Easy For Me To Get To My Bike.

Blow compressed air into tank until there is no smell of gas left!!! Do not worry about internal rubber, as long as it has a sealing effect it won't pop out like a jack in the box when swollen, meaning. They aren't hard to come by.