How To Make A Tricycle Axle

How To Make A Tricycle Axle. Tighten the nuts to the axle and secure the chain back on the sprocket. Use the lathe to turn some of the steel.

2008 Yamaha VStar 1100 Trike conversion Build Part 2 from

Tighten the set screws on the bearings and sprocket to lock them in place. Determine the length that the rear axle will need to be in order to meet these dimensions and then subtract the length of the existing rear axle from that. The rear axle happens to be 15mm but i needed to make custom super short profile end caps for the hubs because of extremely limited axle length available on this trike.

The Gearing Formula Depicts A Maximum Gearing Situation Because It Uses Maximum Engine Rpm And Maximum Vehicle Speed.tire Diameter (Inches) X Rpm (At Redline) 336 (A Constant Number) X Mph (Maximum Speed) Mph = Tire Diameter (Inches) X Rpm 336 X Gear Ratio (Must Be Final Drive Gear Ratio).

I avoided the new 15mm hubs and ended up going with 20mm disc hubs for cost reasons and because i needed to make new end caps anyway. Slice the tops off of 2 cans. Tighten the nuts to the axle and secure the chain back on the sprocket.

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When Making A Turn, One Tire Has To Turn Sharper Than The Other On The Same Axle To Complete The Turn.

Here we have a good used complete rear axle reliant robin rear axle (1) hi, reliant rear axle, hillman minx singer gazelle series 3 3a rear axle. This allows the tire to maintain power through the turn. Divide this number by two and you now have the length of axle that needs to be welded to either side of the existing axle to make your trike work.

Decide How Wide You Want The Rear Axle On The Trike.

The differential compensates for the differences in the tire angle during the turn. Complete the attachment using the saved spacers, washers and cap nut. Save the cap nut, spacers and washers that you remove from the steering headset.

Determine The Length That The Rear Axle Will Need To Be In Order To Meet These Dimensions And Then Subtract The Length Of The Existing Rear Axle From That.

Then you want to measure the axle 9in out on either side of the bearings so the wheelbase is even. Make sure that you line up the keys (aka the little slots) on the axle with the keys on the sprocket and hubs and then slide in your 1/4 inch key so they move with the axle. Slide one wheel on the right side of the axle then put a washer and nut on the axle to secure the wheel.

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Consider Painting Your Tricycle Or Adding A Basket To The Back.

At the tricycle axle, mount the rear wheels and tighten up axle nuts safely. Guide the axle through the tube on the rear of the tricycle to add support. Use the lathe to turn some of the steel.