How To Hang A Deer Mount

How To Hang A Deer Mount. It makes the nose and eyes of a deer appear dull. The only tool special tool required is a 3.5” hole saw to attach the mounting plate to your manikin (game animal mount) backer board.

A Beautiful large roe deer head , real taxidermy and from

The dust makes a mount look old. Next to the antlers, people notice the eyes and nose of mounts first. See more ideas about deer mount decor, deer mounts, decor.

The Most Common Method Of Mounting Deer Antlers On A Plaque Involves Keeping The Antlers Intact With The Skull Plate.

Eye contact will give your mount(any mount) life when you look at it. The dust makes a mount look old. Never hang the buck by his neck if you plan to keep the cape in primo condition for a shoulder mount.

Use The Screwdriver Or The Cordless Drill.

By tracy breen on december 21, 2010 journal. Attach the antlers/ mounting plate to the plaque slide the bolt attaching the antlers and mounting plate through the hole in the plaque and fix it in place. If possible, get your specimen to the taxidermist immediately, as this will make it easier for them to skin the animal’s carcass.

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Open Mouth, Habitat And Dramatic Poses Can All Enhance The Appearance Of The Mount If Done Properly, But They Can All Become A Distraction If Poorly Planned Or Over Done.

I tell my clients to hang their deer heads where they will be able to make eye contact with them, from where they will be viewing the deer most of the time. The easiest way to keep your mount looking great is to regularly dust it. I've always enjoyed the look of the european style mount.

Drill A Hole With A Small Diameter Drill Bit Through The Drywall And Into The Stud.

Deer mounts are like women. Most shoulder mounts will hang from a single screw, toggle bolt, or lag screw — depending on the weight of the mount. Hung proudly on your wall, the deer and the memory of that hunt will live on in your mind.

This Is The Way I Did Mine.

Typically a european deer mount is simply hung on the wall via a nail or screw that goes in the occipital foramen (the hole in the back of the head). Nothing bugs me more than heads staring off into space or looking at my shoes. Where do you hang deer antlers?