Guest Charge Pro 5/5 10 Amp

Guest Charge Pro 5/5 10 Amp. When unequally discharged batteries are connected to the outputs, the charger will automatically steer more current to the battery that needs it. 6' ac cord w/connect charge plugdimensions:

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12v + 12v + 12v input voltage: These are all 100% waterproof (ip67) and shock resistant for all fresh and salt water applications. No other maintenance on the charger is required.

Charge Pro ® Battery Chargers.

This is a 10 amp battery charger from the charge pro series by guest. Charge flooded and agm batteries; The guest charge pro is compatible with flooded lead acid and agm batteries.

These Are All 100% Waterproof (Ip67) And Shock Resistant For All Fresh And Salt Water Applications.

12v + 12v + 12v input voltage: 5.50”x 7.75” x 2.42” weight: 6' ac cord w/connect charge plugdimensions:

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The charger will supply 5 amps to each battery output for a total of 10 amps. Vector 1.5 amp battery charger, battery maintainer, trickle charger, 6v and 12v, fully automatic. Microprocessor controlled for accurate charging

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Battery Chargers Are The Ideal Way To Maintain Your Battery And Ensure A Consistent Charge.

Guest 2610a charge pro series marine battery charger (12 volt, 10 amps 5/5, double output) 100 to 150 feet in length use a 3 conductor 14 awg extension cord. You can still charge an ipad with a 5 watt/1 amp usb power adapter, but it will take longer than 5 hours to.

The Chargepro 5|5 Is Designed To Recharge Your Batteries And Extend Battery Life For Applications Where Batteries Are Stored For Long Periods Of Time.

50 to 100 feet in length use a 3 conductor 16 awg extension cord. The guest chargepro 2611 is designed to both recharge your batteries, and extend your battery’s life in applications where it is stored for long periods of time. Output leads may be paired to one 12 volt battery for a total of 10 amps of charge current.