Gransfors Bruks Outdoor Axe Vs Wildlife Hatchet

Gransfors Bruks Outdoor Axe Vs Wildlife Hatchet. A small axe that is more than capable of cutting branches in the garden or splitting sticks for a campfire. Gransfors bruks wildlife hatchet by:

Gransfors Bruks Hunters Axe Small forest axe, Axe from

Old traditions are adapted to today's demand. Worth the hefty price gränsfors bruk has handcrafted axes in sweden for more than. Gransfors bruks wildlife hatchet by:

Practical For Carrying In Your Rucksack When You Need A Small Axe With Plenty Of Power.

This survival hatchet is light, powerful, and the attention to detail by the manufacturer is the highest of quality. Or what ever else trips your trigger. Gransfors bruk 418 hunters axe grain leather sheath.

The Outdoor Axe Has A Smaller But Much Thicker Head And A Slightly Longer Handle With The Metal Collar, So It Is Better For Splitting Firewood.

The outdoor axe is $130.00 as compared to the fiskars at $28.00. The blade is sharp like a knife, and holds that edge. And suddenly you have a mini survival hatchet stuffed full of jute, birch bark, fat wood and a small ferro rod.

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Most Of The Handles Of Gransfors Bruks Axes Have A Unique Ergonomic Design Which Gives A Steady Grip Around The.

Or should i spring the $179 for the outdoor axe model? This longer handle lends the axe more power when felling trees. Your credit card won’t be charged until we ship your axe(s).

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Of course, an axe by definition is going to have more chopping power than a hatchet, however people don’t buy hatchets for power. A great tool for use at home or in the great outdoors. Gransfors bruk has produced outstanding swedish axes and hatchets, such as the small forest axe and the wildlife hatchet.

Gransfors Bruk 485 Mortise Axe.

The hand hatchet features a one pound head and a 3 face, which is the same one pound head that is used on gransfors' wildlife hatchet. The gränsfors bruk wildlife hatchet is a small, light axe which can be easily carried, masked with its leather sheath, inside your pack or on your belt. Gransfors bruks outdoor axe ;