Ford Tractor Engine Block Casting Numbers

Ford Tractor Engine Block Casting Numbers. Reference casting # k773 1.1177. Thu jan 26, 2012 1:47 pm post subject:

Engine Block Identify Yesterday's Tractors from

C = decade of design (1960's) 5 = year of decade (1965) s = car line (thunderbird) z = engineering department (ford service parts) 1007 = basic part number (wheel assembly) a = design change (original design, no revision) The top indicates the model. A typical ford part number looks like this:

Fits The Series 1510 Tractors Manufactured From 1983 To 1986.

36 rows use the chart on the right to translate the letter code into a year. The date code f262 indicates june 26,1959. You found this on the right lower side of engine block.

Here's How This Number Is Decoded:

Behind and above the starter is a flat spot. Cylinder heads cast with a 5 as the second digit were most likely installed in a 1966 model. Oil pressure relief valve at rear of block:

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For Example, This Picture Shows A Cylinder Block Cast Date Of 8*26*Q, Which Was August 26, 1947.

Stamped into the housing should be two numbers. Call for specs and shipping costs. During the years from the production of the original engine in your tractor to the date for the replacement, ford changed series.

The Casting Numbers On The Block Of A Ford Engine Help Identify The Specific Engine.

The next two numbers indicate day of the month, a final number indicates year. Police interceptor, high performance, solid lifters, oil pressure relief valve at rear of block: Cross bolted mains, solid lifters, oil pressure relief valve at rear of block:

Casting Number Years Type Cid Engine Family Block Main Bolts Notes;

Casting numbers are usually the same or nearly the same as the part number. Casting number is eae6015 (located on right side, lower center). The numbers are often useful in mating cylinder heads, determining when and where the block was manufactured and into which mode of ford it was installed.