Ford Ranger 2.3 Timing Belt Tensioner Tool

Ford Ranger 2.3 Timing Belt Tensioner Tool. Check free length of tensioner spring is 46,0 mm [8]. Sign in to check out.

20002011 Ranger NEW OEM Ford 4.0L SOHC Timing Chain from

Tighten adjusting bolt to hold tensioner in released position. Ensure spring is connected correctly. Over its lifespan the ford ranger has had engines utilizing either a timing chain or a timing belt.

Definitely Worth The Money To Only Replace The Timing Belt Once.

Only 19 left in stock (more on the way). Step 6) store the hardware with the tool for future use. Valve timing procedures how to replace timing belt on ford ranger 3.0d tdi 2008 removal.

2.3 Ohc Timing Tensioner Tool Manual:

Allows you to easily twist the timing belt tensioner in a relaxed position without damaging the idler. Elusive timing belt tensioner tool. Hi, well, i finally had to replace the head on my 1996 2.3 engine and the biggest problem i am facing is getting the timing marks lined up after installing the belt.

Remove The Timing Belt Tensioner Tool And Tighten The Timing Belt Tensioner Hardware To The Factory Torque Specifications.

Company23 timing tensioner tool for ford 2.3 ohc. I would have gladly paid the extra money to buy all of the items separately had i known that the kit was garbage. I cut it flush with the.

Alight Timing Marks On All Three Shafts.

Ensure spring is connected correctly. You dont even have to tighten the adjusting bolt to keep the tension off the belt. I replaced the tensioner with this one and obviously replaced the belt.

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Align Crankshaft So Number One Piston Is At Tdc (Top Dead Center) With Crankshaft Key Pointing Straight Up And Circle On Crankshaft Sprocket (6306) Aligned With Notch In Engine Front.

Get a 1 1/8 socket with at least 1.5 interior depth until obstructions. Belt and pulley component kit k49202a. I have a 2000 ford ranger 2wd with the 2.5l motor.