Dodge 318 Tbi Fuel Pressure Regulator

Dodge 318 Tbi Fuel Pressure Regulator. Would suggest, given it needs to be more specific, a fuel pressure regulator to ensure the proper pressure is maintained. Replaced fuel pressure regulator, then got no fuel.

Carburetor Bad, Fuel Injection Good Custom Dodge Van from

Joined sep 5, 2013 posts 27,713 reaction score 6,401 location east texas ram year 1998 ram 1500 engine 5.9 magnum Replaced fuel pump and filter still getting no fuel to the throttle body. 31 psi vacum hose on engine running.

It Is Best To Familiarize Yourself With The 10 Signs Of A Bad Fuel Pressure Regulator.

You can't just dump more gas in and expect more power. Most of that fuel goes through the fuel pressure regulator,. It's sloppy as of right now but it starts and runs like a champ.

I Also Had A Problem Where The Ignition Coil Kept Burning Out.

With the tbi you get the fuel pressure regulator, injectors, throttle position sensor, throttle body, and some vacuum ports all in one package. #4 · nov 5, 2010. A ton of this will translate to the similar vintage, and excellent gm trucks, as well as fords.

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31 Psi Vacum Hose On Engine Running.

I don't think dodge has anything that will bolt up and if they did it would cost an arm and a leg. If you're set on keeping the 318 you may just need a fuel pressure regulator and intake. #2 · dec 11, 2005.

Fuel Pressure Reading For 92 5.2 V8??

Had problems with it dumping too much fuel. You need the intake manifold, a carb, a fuel pressure regulator and maybe a distributor. Discussion starter · #1 · jun 27, 2020.

Either Way, This Wreaks Havoc On The Air Fuel.

Select a store to see pricing & availability material: It can compromise the performance of the car. 1990 dodge b250 318 tbi.