Bts Having A Crush On You

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When the members have a crush on you! 🌼 [their... Your
When the members have a crush on you! 🌼 [their… Your from

Now me on them, i might, i dont know really, i love learning about them, the. He went with you when you confessed to j. If yes, then you must check out this ' which bts member has a crush on you' quiz that we've prepared below.

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After all, his golden ratio, handsome face, charismatic stage presence, and generosity are all traits that would make anyone fall in love with him in an instant. You’re not taking them seriously, you think they’re joking.hi!! I hope you enjoy!~the clips or m.

Bts Reaction To Hugging Their Crush.

The whole room was filled with “congratulations!” and “great job”s. Sounds perfect wahhhh, i don’t wanna. Bts reaction falling in love with a foreign actress/singer.

Xd Are You Ready To Start The Quiz?

This is my first video, i hope you will enjoy it! (sorry for the glitches) songs : They dont know me, never met me, and finally i am 15 hours away from them sunday i will be 16 hours behind them, so again why would they crush on me?

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Imagine All Bts Members Have A Crush On You.

You walked over to him. Jin would be confused at first and wonder why you didn’t like to commit but if he really liked you he would forgive you and be patient to see if you liked him enough to want to face your fear. You can give me your answer whenever you’re ready, i won’t force you.” mark.

Namjoon Had Known You For Years And Always Harbored A Crush On You But Never Acted On It For Fear Of Losing You As A Friend.

Yoongi’s jaw dropped at your presence, not expecting anyone else to show up, let alone his idol crush. You yelled as you entered the boys’ dorm. Bts scenarios/reactions — bts reacts: