Bear Apprentice 3 Draw Length Adjustment

Bear Apprentice 3 Draw Length Adjustment. All bows are adjustable 35lbs and 40lbs down respectively from the peak draw weight. The cam system on this bow is excellent and highly adjustable in the draw length.

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2022 master trophy ridge catalog: To change draw length, draw stops must be adjusted before the module. Bear apprentice 3 bow, about 29” draw length, poundage needs adjustment, set too high for cam to handle very many times, can be done at a local scheels or bow shop cheaply.

The Cam System On This Bow Is Excellent And Highly Adjustable In The Draw Length.

2022 master bear compound catalog. How to adjust the draw length on a bear encounter and four other bow's. Kinetic energy (ke) of the bear apprentice 2 compound bow at the highest settings (60 lbs.

Draw Weight), And Using A 350 Grain Arrow.

2022 master bear traditional and recreational catalog. The length of draw should be adjusted to the arm posture of the individual archer to achieve maximum draw back, as this will ensure a long, smooth shot. 2022 master trophy ridge catalog part ii.

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Weight Range 20Lbs To 60Lbs.

The apprentice comes ready to shoot with finger rollers, arrow rest, two safetyglass™ arrows. Remove the draw stop on both the top and bottom cam and remount it in the corresponding stop locations to the. Draw length range, fully adjustable from 15 inches to 27 inches in 1 increments.

To Change Draw Length, Draw Stops Must Be Adjusted Before The Module.

2022 master sik and cajun catalog. This optimized rotating module design allows for draw length adjustments in the range of 15″ to 27″ in 1″ increments and draw weight adjustments ranging from 15lbs. Now, this bow has a draw weight range from 15 or 20 lbs up to 50 or 60 lbs.

If The Arrow Is Heavier, Or The Draw Length/Draw Weight Are Set To A Lower Setting, Shooting Speed Will Be Significantly Lower.

The extraction cycle is as smooth as you can get, and arrow game is excellent regardless of the settings of the bowa s. See draw length settings on the following page. Changing those attributes on other bows is often impossible or can be done only very limitedly.