7.3 Oil Pressure Gauge Install

7.3 Oil Pressure Gauge Install. I have replace the oil sending unit located under the hood. Drain the oil pan if needed.

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Here is the location of the sender although it's kinda hard to see but when you look at yours it will be easy to see. 2.3 oil pressure sensor wiring 1. I can now retain the factoiry gauge, and have a real gauge.

Here Is The Location Of The Sender Although It's Kinda Hard To See But When You Look At Yours It Will Be Easy To See.

The fitting should be 1/4 npt. Push the tube against the compression fitting on the back of the gauge. Slide a compression nut over the end of the tubing, followed by a ferrule.

The Valve Lifter Oil Gallery Supplies Pressurized Oil To The Valve Tappets And To The Piston Cooling Oil Jets.

The lpo is one place but some do get a diffrent oil filter cap and come off the cap. Here is a link i saved. Use the ford powerstroke’s factory hpop sensor or the injector control pressure (icp) sensor to install glowshift’s hpop gauge.

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There Is A 3/8 Npt Port There.

Install it in a different location and leave the oem sender in its original location. This thread adapter replaces the factory sensor and allows you to install your aftermarket gauge's sensor for accurate readings directly from the source. Remove any plugs needed to gain access to the oil galley port if installing in.

Coming Out Of The Female Three Pin Connector From The Gauge You

Choose a suitable location to mount the oil pressure gauge; Route the pressure sensor cable to the gauge and connect it to the 3 pin connector. Additionally, the factory oil pressure gauge in the dash still worked.

Run A Wire About 16 Gauge From The Auto Meter Sending Unit From The Kit To The Gauge Spot Labeled S The Run Another To Either The Battery Directly Or Another 12V Source And One Last Wire To The Ground Point Right Behind The Air Vent And You're All Done.

Everyone here seems to know this. There are a couple ports around the filter. Common mounting locations for aftermarket oil pressure gauges include under the dash, on top of the dash, or set into the dashboard.