2Nd Gen Camaro C5 Brake Conversion

2Nd Gen Camaro C5 Brake Conversion. In this video i explain a couple different ways you get components to swap your nova, camaro, firebird or similar car to use c5 corvette brakes. 2nd gen camaro rear disc brake conversion

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I know that speedtech is comming out with a conversion for the 2nd gen cars, in the meantime, there is aftermarket caliper brackets available if i wish to turn down the. The c5 conversion kit has been around for some time now, but the price and availability of this item has made it almost impossible for many consumers to get. For ls1 rotors and some c5 & c6 rotors there is an inner lip cast into the.

I Would Be 1/8 Or So Wider Than A Drum Brake Due To The Difference In Thickness Between The Drum And The Rotor.this Is About 1/2 Inch Narrower Than Most Chevelle Based Front Disc Conversions.maske Sure Your Wheels Will Clear The Brakes,On The Ls Tyle Of Brake The Caliper Hangs Out Past The Wheel Mounting Location And May Cause Issues With Wheel Fitment.

Discussion starter · #1 · nov 26, 2006. Jamming your brakes on, locking up isn't fun. For ls1 rotors and some c5 & c6 rotors there is an inner lip cast into the.

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I Know That Speedtech Is Comming Out With A Conversion For The 2Nd Gen Cars, In The Meantime, There Is Aftermarket Caliper Brackets Available If I Wish To Turn Down The.

The center of this conversion is our engine mounts and crossmember kit. 12530682 1 right front caliper (standard c5) 12530683 1 left front caliper (standard c5) 10445856 1 right front rotor. I race a 2nd and a 3rd gen camaro and years ago a mate of mine did your conversion above on his 2nd gen race car and it lasted about 2 races until it catastrophically failed and he was.

Does Not Include Calipers And Abutment Brackets, Rotors, Or Pads, Which You Can Purchase From Anywhere, We Provide The Custom Conversion Parts Only.

Also with this conversion you use f body pads, the caliber bracket is the same as the f body, you'll need 4 washers for the bolt that connects the caliber to the bracket to act as a spacer otherwise it will extend and touch the rotor. The 12 c4 brake info below was compiled before c5 corvette swaps were introduced, a c5 rotor is 12 dia but wider with better venting and is highly recommended, also the ls1 and c5 calipers are better than c4. Choose an option 2.0 long m12 2.5 long m12 arp 2.5 m12.

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The C5 Conversion Kit Has Been Around For Some Time Now, But The Price And Availability Of This Item Has Made It Almost Impossible For Many Consumers To Get.

2nd gen camaro rear disc brake conversion Choose an option std cast iron t6 billet aluminum. Been trying to figure out this 2010 brembo brake set up in my 68 camaro.

Looking To Do This Swap.

Our brackets are cnc laser cut from 3/8” thick mild steel. 10445857 1 left front rotor. Not too worried about the fronts.