2008 Ford F150 No Power When Accelerating

2008 Ford F150 No Power When Accelerating. Recently, i was on a 250 mile round trip service call. About 5 seconds later it picksup and runs fine.

1984 F150 XLT 351w no acceleration powerbackfires when from www.fordtruckzone.com

The engine revs up fine in park. Power dropping speed down as mush as 20 to 30. A significant drop in rpms while accelerating for no apparent reason.

I Have A 2008 Ford E150 4.6.

Recently, i was on a 250 mile round trip service call. If your f150 won’t accelerate, but the rpm’s go up it’s usually not going to be an engine related issue. The error codes i have are p0300, p0302 and p0306.

Ford's Waranty Dpartment Has Decided That Yes The Engine Is Part Of The Drive Train, But Injectors Are Not And Since It Was A Faulty Injector That Caused The Problem, They Are Not Covering This $3500.00 Reapair.

Spark plugs are one of the most common reasons a vehicle will jerk when accelerating. Here are some common misfire causes. First gear accelerates good when hit 30mph power loss fuel psi.

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Power Dropping Speed Down As Mush As 20 To 30.

The fuel pump and radio are not on the same circuit, most liokely the fuel pump is shorted, that is the most common cause, get under the truck and disconnect the fuel pump connector at the tank, if the fuse doesn't blow then u need a new pump. Class action suit against ford resulted in an award of $20.00 to. I had a 2005 f250 6.0 that was stolen in march and totaled when found days later.

The Truck Starts Fine, Idles Ok.in A Loop By Stays Running.

Any ideas of what this could be. And run some seam foam threw your gas and make sure your air presure. (smaller body grounds as well) make sure they are clean where they make contact with block and terminal post (not just on the outside.) make sure hot wire is.

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Common symptoms of a faulty coil pack a rough idle. I have no power when accelerating hard (passing another car) after several highway miles at steady speed. A noticeable lack of power.