2 Hour Rated Fiber Optic Cable

2 Hour Rated Fiber Optic Cable. 2 hours fire rated fiber optic cables are available with various. Offered in om1, om3 and om4 multimode and os2 singlemode, in 4, 8, 12 or 24 core fibre configurations.

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Lifeline mc cables are preferred over mineral insulated (mi) cables, concrete. The ratings are hierarchical, i.e., from a fire resistance standpoint, a higher rating can be substituted for any lower rating, but not vice versa. Central loose tube fire resistant fiber optic cable are ideal.

Ul 2196 Certified Fire Resistive Cable For Survivability In A Fire.

Octopart is the easiest search engine for electronic parts. These are cables that are designed to meet both the rigorous environment of the outdoors but also can be routed indoors, where flame rating requirements also apply. The cable manufacturer chooses one of the following tests:

For Single Mode Fiber, The Jacket Color Is Typically Yellow.

Fiber optic cables for indoor/outdoor applications. Lifeline® mc cable is exclusively stocked by priority wire & cable. And emergency systems that need to be operational during fire.

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The Ratings Are Hierarchical, I.e., From A Fire Resistance Standpoint, A Higher Rating Can Be Substituted For Any Lower Rating, But Not Vice Versa.

1.1 revised june 27, 2012. While for multimode cable, the jacket color can be orange (om1 & om2 cable), aqua (om3 cable) and purple (om4 cable). Fiber optic cable jacket color code.

& Provides Vital Communication And Emergency Systems That Need To Be Operational During Fire, Up To 2 Hour Or 3 Hours.

2 hour fire rated per ul standard 2196 following astm e119 (1,850°f with water hose stream) electrical circuit integrity systems (fhit) — system no. They are ideal & provides vital communication during a fire. Ofnp and ofcp fiber cable.

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All feature a central loose tube construction and internal/external lszh (low smoke zero halogen) sheath that also provides uv stability. Ul listed, nec type mc in accordance with ul standard 1569. Ofnp stands for optical fiber nonconductive plenum cable and ofcp stands for optical fiber conductive plenum cable.